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The Surface Design Studio

The Surface Design Studio is a brand of Digital Ceramics.
We specialise in;

• Printing large format tiles for building facades and signage
• Bespoke wall and floor tile projects
• Custom printing and production of enamel panels for internal and external use
• Printing on large format glass for building facades, signage and wall glazing

During the last few years we’ve developed and refined our patented digital printing technology to inspire innovative thinking and design possibilities. It is tried and tested to give you confidence that any project will continue to look wonderful regardless of weather and commercial wear.


We are confident we now have an unrivalled range of products and have worked on some great projects with architects, interior designers, contract tile distributors, artists, and well-known retail and hospitality chains.
We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are proud of what we do and are experts in managing projects so that you get what you want when you need it.

Whether your project is big or small talk to us.

For bespoke projects visit our website

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools, Spas & Steam Rooms

Swimming Pools, Spas & Steam Rooms

We are fast becoming a major specialist in the bespoke design of digitally printed tiles for interior and exterior swimming pools. Whether it’s your own vision, or you’re working with an artist or architect we can create and reproduce stunning designs onto tiles of any shape to give a design statement for your own home, a hotel, or spa.

Floor Tiles

Bespoke Printed Floor Tiles

Bespoke Printed Floor Tiles

Any floor can be customised with beautiful bespoke or standard tiles. We work with architects and designers to transform restaurants, hotels, airports, offices, shops and shopping centres. Whether it’s a one off design or something which needs to be reproduced then we guarantee we can deliver consistent results to your specification.

Public Art Projects

Public Art & Regeneration Projects

Public Art & Regeneration Projects

Over the last three years we have developed relationships with some inspiring artists and worked in partnership with them to produce visually stunning images and powerful messages for community art projects. We have helped create talking points, and transform spaces in villages, towns and cities.

Tile Murals

Digitally Printed Wall Tiles

London Zoo Custom Printed Tile Mural

Our tile murals are a versatile design for all kinds of spaces.
We work in partnership with architects and designers to provide tile murals for small or large-scale projects. The digital technology we use ensures that the tile mural is durable, will not fade, is weather resistant and will retain its photographic quality appearance over its life

Enamel Steel

Custom Printed Panels

Custom Printed Enamel Steel  Panels

Enamel is strong, versatile and incredibly easy to install. We have successfully developed a product, which combines digital printing with enamel steel panels to produce stunning images and designs for the cladding of buildings, car parks and underpasses. You can choose from any colour in either small or large format panels, all of which can be custom designed and printed or plain colours.

Ceramic Signage

Large Format Tiles

Ceramic Signage Large Format Tiles

Ceramic is the perfect material for outside signage as it is scratch resistant , is resilient to graffiti and the colours won’t fade.
The motif is either screen or digitally printed and then fired into the ceramic surface which makes it permanent and incredibly tough.