Colour Sets

Ceramic Transfer

You’re in safe hands – We supply some of the biggest names in the pottery industry!

Your artwork is seamlessly turned into high resolution Digital Ceramic Decals. Converted into ceramic colours your designs can be matched to your original artwork as closely as possible.
Our business model means that while we can deliver in high-volumes for commercial clients, we can still offer pricing to suit smaller suppliers too. We’ve honed our craft over 14 years trading and have over 60 years combined ceramic print experience so you can be sure that you receive the best advice from our team.

Digital Ceramic Transfer Printing for your Business

• Decals up to SRA3 size (43 × 30cm) – that’s 15% extra print space on each sheet compared to our competitors!*
• High resolution imaging (400dpi – 600dpi)
• NO minimum order value on orders placed via our webshop**
• Easy ordering – send your files using our website shop
• Fast turnaround – despatched within 24hrs if you order by 12 midday***. Otherwise, a speedy 3-5 working days!
• Volume and repeat orders made ultra-simple
• Choice of calibrated colour sets, and cover-coats to suit all glazes
* Compared to standard A3 sheet size. **Orders placed by email are subject to a minimum of £100 +VAT. Minimum quantity of 5 of the same sheet layout for repeat orders ***Subject to surcharge.

Order transfers online

Print Charges

Competitive print charges for accurate pricing

Print charges

Our prices are in GBP, pounds sterling, and include VAT and we can despatch in just 3-5 working days. If you need it sooner, you have the option of our fast-turnaround service.

First sheet: £15.80 (£13.17 ex VAT)
2-4 copies: £10.80 (£9.00 ex VAT)
5-24 copies: £9.30 (£7.75 ex VAT)
25-49 copies: £9 (£7.50 ex VAT)
50-99 copies: £8.70 (£7.25 ex VAT)

All pricing is simple, fair and transparent, so you know exactly what you’re getting (and what it will cost), in advance.

There’s NO minimum charge if you order through our webshop, so you can order as few or as many sheets as required, either as a small order or to test for a larger run.*

* Minimum quantity of 5 of the same sheet layout for repeat orders

Order transfers online

24 Hour Fast Turnaround Service

Fast turnaround

Our fast 24 hour turnaround service is perfect if you are in a hurry or need to produce a sample quickly.

Providing we receive your order by 12 midday we will print it the same day and despatch it the following day.

If your order is under £100 (exc VAT) there is a £20 +VAT surcharge.
If your order is over £100 (exc VAT) there is a 20% +VAT surcharge on top of the standard price.

Artwork Preparation

Your artwork will fit perfectly, just follow our simple order process

Artwork Preparation
Your files and images

• We accept a variety of file formats, we prefer jpegs or pdf files (When saving pdf files please embed the colour profile)
• Image resolution should be a minimum of 300dpi for the best quality reproduction.
• The maximum print area is 30 × 43cm, set up your layout at this size and fill with as many transfers as you wish.
(the actual sheet size is 32 × 45cm)

Design support

If you need assistance preparing your artwork for print, we offer a full design and fitting service at our studio. You’ll be given an estimate on costs before you place your order, so you know exactly what to expect.

Colour Match

Going the extra mile in colour matching

Colour Match

You can specify your preferred colour set during the order process and choose between magenta-based pinks or Coca Cola reds.
We’ll always do our best to match your colours but if you feel your work is colour critical, please send a ‘printed’ version for us to work with. We cannot print pantone colours but we can use them as a colour guide.
Your colours will be matched with our digital ceramic pigments as closely as possible, using our custom-made ICC profiles. Please note that while the colour you see will be bright and fresh, there may be a difference from the colours you see on a computer monitor.

To view the full colour spectrum available in Digital Ceramic Colours click here:
Ceramic Colour Spectrum

Magenta Colour Set


This is the most widely used colour set for 4 colour printing systems. You’ll achieve a broad range of smooth colours with this set. It’s particularly suited for natural skin tones and photographic images. With a firing temperature of 820°c – 840°c, there are 4 base colours:
• Cyan
• Magenta
• Yellow
• Black

You’ll want all the facts to make an informed decision. Here’s our view on the most important information:
• More options for a vast range of colours overall
• Pinks, blues, greens and purples are bright and deep in colour
• Your reds, oranges and yellows won’t appear to be as bright unless you use the red colour set

To view the full colour spectrum available in Digital Ceramic Colours click here:
Ceramic Colour Spectrum


Red Colour Set


Achieve the most vivid reds and vibrant greens with the red colour set. With a firing temperature of 780°c – 800°c, the 4 base colours are:
• Cyan
• Red
• Yellow
• Black

You’ll want all the facts to make an informed decision. Here’s our view on the most important information:
• Reds, oranges and yellows are extra bright and vibrant
• You’ll achieve a crisp lime green
• Pinks and dark blues tend to be less saturated than those achieved with the Magenta Colour Set

To view the full colour spectrum available in Digital Ceramic Colours click here:
Ceramic Colour Spectrum


Design Services

Creative design services with clear pricing


For assistance with design and fitting, you can hire our studio team. It’s convenient and they’re expert operators of modern design software, drawing on experience in print, design and creative arts.

£65 per hour, £15 minimum spend (Charged by the minute)
Creative expertise and speed means you only pay for what you need.

We have all the latest design industry software, in-house scanning and photographic facilities. This means you can take advantage of full ceramic fitting services, using traditional industry methods.

You’ll be given an accurate quote in advance for your specific project, as well as full support and excellent communication throughout.

Decorating And Firing Tips

Video: Print & decorate your own ceramic transfers...

You Tube video

Digital Ceramic You Tube Video


Decorating Tips

Firstly warm the ware to 20-30°C. The decals should be dipped into room temperature water and immediately
placed onto a sloping decorators tray so that any excess water can drain away. (do not leave the decals floating
in water).
Use a medium squeegee (kidney) to apply the decal to the dry ceramic piece at room temperature working
from the middle to ensure that all water has been removed.
It is best to allow the decorated piece to dry for 12 hours or ideally overnight in a warm environment of approx
20-25°C before firing.



Digital decals have the same properties as conventional screen printed decals however if you are firing digital decals for the first time then use these instructions as a guide.

Magenta Colour Set Transfers (820 – 840°C)

  • We would usually fire at 250°C per hour up to 840°C with a 15 minute soak.
  • Firing cycles should all be well ventilated. (Kiln holds at 820°C for 15 mins)
  • The kiln then cools naturally.

Red Colour Set Transfers (780 – 800°C)

  • For red set colours also 250°C per hour up to 800°C with 25 minute soak.
  • Firing cycles should all be well ventilated.
  • The kiln then cools naturally.

Please contact us if more detailed instructions are required, and we will be pleased to help you.

A proof sheet is £25.00 inc VAT, for this cost Digital Ceramics will retain a printed copy of the transfer sheet for future orders to be matched to for colour consistency and you will receive a sheet.
A new sheet is £15.80 inc VAT, you will receive a transfer sheet but we do not retain a copy.
If a proof sheet is not ordered we cannot guarantee to match colours for future repeat orders.

No, our decals are translucent. We print in a four colour process (CMYK) so any white areas in your artwork will be transparent.

Although the transfers are not designed for glass we have many customers who have had success with them. The transfers are not opaque so they will have a transparent finish. We would recommend you do your own trials on the glass first to see what works for you. We would also suggest using the red set of colours as they have a lower firing temperature.

Save your artwork at a minimum of 300dpi.

We can accept most file formats, we recommend jpeg or pdf. If sending a pdf please make sure to embed the colour profile when saving the image. We advise that you save the image as a high resolution file of at least 300dpi.

The maximum print area of the sheet is 43 × 30cm, keep all artwork within this area to avoid anything getting accidently cropped.
The actual sheet size is 45 × 32cm.

• Orders sent via email have a minimum order value requirement of £100 (ex VAT)
• New orders sent via the website shop have no minimum order value
• Repeat orders sent via the website shop there is a minimum order of 5 sheets per design layout.

Visit our website where you can upload your artwork and place your order directly with us.

The red colour set decals are 780 – 800°C
The magenta colour set decals are 820 – 840°C

No, ceramic colours are considered to be UV proof.

If the ceramic ware is microwave and dishwasher safe then so will be the images.

Standard turnaround: 3-4 working days for despatch
Fast turnaround: providing we receive your order by 12 midday we will print it the same day and despatch it the following day. (Additional cost applies.)