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Guide to Working with Digital Ceramic Colours

Digital Ceramic printing offers a more cost effective method of ceramic printing for smaller orders. We print using a 4 colour process so unlike screen-printing we do not charge per colour keeping the cost of small print runs down to a minimum. It also means that we can produce samples much cheaper as there is less setup involved!


We offer a broad spectrum of colours across two separate ranges of ceramic colours, a magenta based set of colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and a red based set of colours (cyan, red, yellow and black).

Each colour range has its advantages and disadvantages, the magenta colour set is the most commonly used of the colour ranges:

• More options for a vast range of colours overall
• Pinks, blues, greens and purples are bright and deep in colour
• Your reds, oranges and yellows won’t appear to be as bright unless you use the red colour set.







The red colour set is essential if any part of the design has any red elements:

• Reds, oranges and yellows are extra bright and vibrant
• You’ll achieve a crisp lime green

• Pinks and dark blues tend to be less saturated than those achieved with the Magenta Colour Set








To view the full colour spectrum available click here



Le Bizz is a family run gift shop in the heart of West Kirby owned by Steve and Caroline Ramsay. Steve recently worked with a local artist, Jim Fleming, from Wirral to produce a range of mugs illustrating scenes of West Kirby. Steve then came to us to have the designs reproduced on mugs. Jim’s playful designs look great and they have translated onto ceramic really well, the colours are strong and vibrant, we think they make fab souvenirs for a trip to the seaside town!

More of Jim’s work can be seen on his website

Steve and Caroline’s shop on Banks Road in West Kirby regularly work with local artists producing digitally printed mugs, which quickly sell out. The joy of digital ceramics printing is order volumes can be quite small, great for collectable mugs like these!