High-Temperature Inglaze Transfers

Digital Ceramic Systems LTD are pleased to announce that our new ceramic colour technology for high firing temperatures is now available.

Our in-glaze ceramic decals can be fired onto many types of glazes at high temperatures of 1100c to 1300c. Firing at these temperatures ensure excellent wear-resistance and durability making custom decorated, high-grade hotel, restaurant and barware now possible, with the added benefit of small run orders and no need for large stocks of items.

In addition to high firing, the colours are extremely stable at all temperatures, and can also be fired at lower on-glaze temperatures with an appropriate flux, ideal if you require colour consistency through a range of products!

As with the other colour sets the printed results are ICC colour managed giving the best possible colour match when replicating your designs. The new colour set incorporates a new ‘blue cyan’, giving an excellent range of blues and improved purples. Accompanying the new blue is a strong black, red and yellow giving an excellent bright and fresh in-glaze colour space.

Colour Type: In-glaze
Firing temperatures: 1100°c – 1300°c
Application method: Waterslide Transfer
Colour set: Red set with a new ‘Blue’ cyan.


Ceramic Lamination Papers

A new range of improved Ceramic Lamination papers for 2016!


Our new 2016 range of lamination papers use a new revolutionary backing paper, giving all round better professional results!

• Thinner paper and better release
• Laminates between 100ºc-120ºc
• Easier to decorate with excellent firing properties
• Standard and Fluxed versions available
• Available in A3 and A4 sizes (packs of 100)

Lead Free Digital Ceramic colour set.

Digital Ceramics latest product addition is a complete CMYK Lead Free set of colours that have been approved by world leading tableware manufactures.
The lead free on-glaze colours when fired correctly conform to the most stringent tests around, insuring current worldwide legislation on metal releases can be met.

Firing Temperature: 780ºc-840ºc
Machine Compatibility: A4 systems, A3 Systems

For more information please contact us.

Driving Digital Ceramic Technology  to the next level…..



The Royal College of Art are heading a collaboration which includes Royal Crown Derby, MZ toners and Digital Ceramic Systems. DCS has supplied ceramic printing technology which is to be used to explore the potentials for scale, economies and a new aesthetic within the UK commercial production for the printed ceramic surface.

DCS will continue to collaborate with this project with the intention of driving this technology to the next level within the industry.

For further information please Click Here.

Mugs that Love Your Nation!

Since I last blogged about the Le Bizz shop in West Kirby they have launched a fantastic new range of ‘Love Your Nation’ mugs.

The mugs feature witty phrases identifying places mostly around the local areas of Wirral and Liverpool and now further afield, with requests even from ex pats around the world! Some of the best include phrases such as “West Kirby, Eat Beach Shop Repeat,” and “Wirral, Somewhere Only We Know.”


The collaboration between Steve Ramsay of Le Bizz and graphic designer Rebecca Furlong has been so successful and it is quickly becoming a recognisable brand.

We love working with Steve and Rebecca to produce the mugs, it’s always great to see what new phrases they have come up with! We keep asking when will they start on the Stoke-on-Trent mugs!?


The Liverpool Echo news recently wrote an article about the mugs, see for yourself just how many people have already liked it on Facebook!


Check out them out here ‘Love Your Nation’ and like their facebook page!


Guide to Working with Digital Ceramic Colours

Digital Ceramic printing offers a more cost effective method of ceramic printing for smaller orders. We print using a 4 colour process so unlike screen-printing we do not charge per colour keeping the cost of small print runs down to a minimum. It also means that we can produce samples much cheaper as there is less setup involved!


We offer a broad spectrum of colours across two separate ranges of ceramic colours, a magenta based set of colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and a red based set of colours (cyan, red, yellow and black).

Each colour range has its advantages and disadvantages, the magenta colour set is the most commonly used of the colour ranges:

• More options for a vast range of colours overall
• Pinks, blues, greens and purples are bright and deep in colour
• Your reds, oranges and yellows won’t appear to be as bright unless you use the red colour set.







The red colour set is essential if any part of the design has any red elements:

• Reds, oranges and yellows are extra bright and vibrant
• You’ll achieve a crisp lime green

• Pinks and dark blues tend to be less saturated than those achieved with the Magenta Colour Set








To view the full colour spectrum available click here

Eat Like a King!


Look out for designer Alice Naylor and her  ’Eat Like a King’ set of plates. Digitally printed and decorated by hand here at Digital Ceramics, we were excited when Alice let us know that her plates are featured in the Gourmet supplement of December’s House & Gardens!

The range of Eat My Hat Plates© were inspired by the quote ‘Eat Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like a Prince and Dinner Like a Pauper.’ The clever design makes you question your portion sizes in a unique quirky way.


Visit Alice’s website at www.alicenaylor.co.uk for more info.



Le Bizz is a family run gift shop in the heart of West Kirby owned by Steve and Caroline Ramsay. Steve recently worked with a local artist, Jim Fleming, from Wirral to produce a range of mugs illustrating scenes of West Kirby. Steve then came to us to have the designs reproduced on mugs. Jim’s playful designs look great and they have translated onto ceramic really well, the colours are strong and vibrant, we think they make fab souvenirs for a trip to the seaside town!

More of Jim’s work can be seen on his website www.jimtheartist.co.uk.

Steve and Caroline’s shop on Banks Road in West Kirby regularly work with local artists producing digitally printed mugs, which quickly sell out. The joy of digital ceramics printing is order volumes can be quite small, great for collectable mugs like these!